Pierce My Heart Again – more words of wisdom from a box

Here’s another one I like from Alexander Mc Queen’s Kingdom. It is beautifully “handwritten” on the inside of the box flap. I love it because it was sort of a message to me from the universe.

"Pierce my heart again"

There is a story behind this bottle. I have always wanted it but couldn’t find in the shops any more. My fellow fumehead Nikos found it forgotten on the shelves of a small perfume shop and bought it for me, We leave at opposite sides of Athens so we decided to meet downtown to split the difference. We were sitting outside and the cafe had those weird chairs where the back is so curved that I couldn’t hang my bag and there was a big whole on the back of the chair so I couldn’t leave it behind me on the seat either and there was only one row of chairs on the pavement so I couldn’t leave it somewhere I could watch it, it had to be next to me. Yeap! You can see where this story is going… Now you see it, now you don’t. Gone in 60 seconds! My bag with cash, cashcards and creditcards, a pair of glasses, a GPS, keys and an envelope with my address. Oh, of course it was Friday evening!!!

To cut a very long, exhausting and infuriating story short this whole thing cost me about 1000 euros in cash, document re-issue, keys and locks, a pair of glasses and I am still finding out things that I am missing.

But what was comforting was that at some point I thought “thank god I didn’t put My Kingdom in my bag”. I lost everything but My Kingdom. And the moment I said this I knew it was a very sick thing to say but at the same time I knew that it was my passion for perfume that was shining like a ray of light in a very grim situation. Shit happens, and when it happens it’s good to have something outside yourself to keep you going.

So on that day, My Kingdom saved the day.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your bag being stolen, what an absolute pain! I hope you’re able to perhaps get your things back?

    I’m a big fan of Kingdom, I wish it wasn’t so hard to find. ‘Pierce my Heart Again’ comes from a poem written about the fragrance and different lines were included on the boxes for the Parfum, EDP, Shower Gel and Body Lotion. Other parts of the poem that I can remember are ‘Flame will have it’s way’ and ‘Step out into the burning rain’ (on the shower gel no less).

    I’m glad that you didn’t lose your bottle of Kingdom.

    • I didn’t know that… Thanks for letting me know. It was a blind buy for me. I only knew that I had to have this bottle. The scent itself (this is the edp version) is like something Joan of Arc would have worn. Feminine, hermetic and demented.

  2. NikosP

    I ‘ll always remember your cool attitude to the loss of yr bag! It was a good lesson for me… Always count what you are left with and not what you already lost! As for Kingdom, if i could just get over that pak/indian restaurant atmosphere it has…

  3. anotherperfumeblog

    Oh, how terrible and frustrating! But so glad at least Kingdom was saved.

  4. Oh God! how annoying and frustrating that you lost your bag.
    Glad you didn’t lose your Kingdom though..:) You are right- sometimes an external ‘focus point’ helps to keep one going

  5. (making a simple calculation)
    1 horse = 1 kingdom
    1 kingdom = 1 bag
    1 bag = 1 horse 😉

    On a more serious note, I really sympathize with you. In my whole life I haven’t had it happened to me (even though I lived in a country where it was a common problem) but I always keep my things very close, where I can see and protect them (even though now I live in the area where I haven’t even heard about anything like that happening). This is one of my recurring nightmares (you know, the way other people dream of suddenly having to pass a test they’ve completely forgotten about): I leave my purse somewhere and cannot find it. My concern isn’t money but all the problems with documents, credit cards, etc.

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  7. wow, what a story! Reading this has made me revisit my own bottle of Kingdom and recall why I too, love it so much. I have the little red egg bottle, the edp version, and I know my box had a fragment of poetry written on it, something to do with origins or birth or something, but alas, the box has been appropriated for an art project…which some may see as heretical…sorry! Love the Joan of Arc reference, yes I can see that!

    • Each version of the fragrance had a different verse from the poem by Jorie Graham. And I am sure the late Alexander McQueen would approve of the use of the box in a heretical piece of art. The beast of the fashion industry sucked him dry and spit him out.

  8. Ha! I found the box for my 25 ml bottle of the edp… on the flap are the words in script: “Oh sweet beginning of…”

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