Scent of the day

08.11.2015: ΓΦΛ / LOV Nabucco Parfum Fin


18-01-2015: Etro Royal Pavillion: huge floral with warm civet

25-12-2014: Pomegranate Noir for Christmas day

24-12-2014: layering Aramis 900 Herbal Cologne and Aromatics Elixir Perfumer’s Reserve

19-02-2014: back in track with Jacomo Coeur de Parfum , words cannot describe how intoxicating this is. Smells like a deeper, darker Chanel Coco, more floral but very thick and the spices are more defined.

Jacomo Coeur de Parfum

06-10-2013: Santal Noble, still finding new facets

05-10-2013: Another day with Iris Bleu Gris

04-10-2013: Iris Bleu Gris

03-10-2013: Santal Noble, time for some elegance

02-10-2013: Fuel for Men

01-10-2013: Paper Passion again

30-09-2013: Paper Passion, I love you just because…

29-09-2013: Route du Vetiver, safe and sound for me but sample first as others find it unwearable

28-09-2013:  Dropped by Parfumerie Théodora. It took a lot of testing to get over the nasty amber (sentimental) aftertaste from yesterday. The lovely sales assistant made me feel at home.

777 Stéphane Hubert Lucas Soleil de Jeddah: high end, high price, Middle East oriented house. This however, 3 hours after being sparyed on a blotter, feels like it is dripping fruity juices, in the best possible way, coming from someone who doesn’t like fruity fragrances. And all this with a touch of leather and ambergris! Very interesting!

Mona di Orio Violette Fumée: beautiful and complex, as expected. There is so much more than violette going on here

Houbigant Fougère Royale 2010, I finally get the coumarin in fougère. Lovely but somewhat redundant

Nasomatto China White. I love this line. I do not find them strong at all,  they only last for very long. China White is a very dry incense, the incense tear type, not burning incense. Flowers seem to fly in the air between incense drops, mimosa in the opening, jasmine later. As it progresses it becomes drier and drier, smokier, woodier. The flowers continue to vibrate. The base is a very dry and rather masculine, japanese, incense-cedar composition. China White update: 3 hours into wearing a beautiful green iris pops under the incense. Wonderful transformation! Simply beautiful! It is labelled as feminine and perhaps this has pushed it lower in my “to try” list but I think it leans more masculine.

27-09-2013: Ambre Precieux. Although I love this, this was a difficult day, very stressful and I am afraid that amber always makes me feel this way, I do not know why. I will have to seriously consider tomorrow’s choice to counter balance the bleakness of amber.

26-09-2013: Donna Karan Fuel for Men

25-09-2013: Iris Bleu Gris

24-09-2013: Santal Noble, more about this beauty coming soon

23-09-2013: First quick sniffs in Geneva

Carven Ma Griffe (current version, not the bottle shown below!!!): green flowers and a very real musk. If the current version is so good, I can only imagine how good vintage Ma Griffe was!

Il Profumo, Imprinting: this is an excellent blend! Bright citruses on top, a very complex middle phase with hints of tobacco and musky citruses again in the base. A clear case of a perfume that is so good, one has to like it

Ramon Monegal, Mon Cuir:  this is what you get if you open a box of brand new men’s shoes filled with orange blossoms. It is not as floral to my nose as others have suggested because the new shoe leather is strong and very realistic. If you are looking for the smell of expensive shoes, look no further. Real to the point of being fetichistic!

06-07-2013: Magnetic Scant Untitled #1: if you are looking for an white floral in the style of Carnal Flower, but infinately more wearable, give this a try

05-07-2013: Santal Noble, trying to catch its many facets

04-07-2013: Chanel No19 because I need my mantra

03-07-2013: Iris Bleu Gris

not that I haven’t been wearing perfume all this time, but I am too busy catching curve balls right now and trying to move to a new country

14-07-2013: Forrest Rain, unique spicy floral in a very elegant bottle

01-07-2013: Silences….

30-06-2013: back from sentimental anosmia with my sample of Black Afgano

01-06-2013: Sarrasins, always transporting and sheltering

30-05-2013: Lalique Homme Equus

28-05-2013: John Varvatos Platinum Edition, weird stuff… very old-fashioned, shows clearly the aspiration of the house to niche qualities. Worth sampling!

27-05-2013: L’Homme de Coeur, comforting and fortifying

26-05-2013: Eau Sauvage Parfum, it’s really good… but I am desperately trying to find the connection with Eau Sauvage….

25-05-2013: Encre Noire, I have to write about this at some point….

24-05-2013: Iris Bleu Gris, the most human perfume, characterized by a non-human note

20-05-2013: Divine L’Homme de Coeur

19-05-2013: Eau Dynamisante, my favourite cologne for the time being

17-05-2013: Narciso Rodriguez For Him, the scent of wet cement

13-05-2013: Safran Nobile, time for a clear and calm smell

12-05-2013: lots and lots of skin patches sprayed with different samples

11-05-2013: Chanel No19 eau de toilette

Chanel No19 2

10-05-2013: Serge Lutens Sarrasins

08-05-2013: Artisan Black

05-05-2013: L’Anarchiste, cool and metallic

04-05-2013: Tsoureki. This is Greek Easter weekend and my scent of the day is the smell of baking tsoureki. A sweet bread flavoured with mahalab, cardamom, kum quat and ghee


03-05-2013: Annick Goutal Vetiver, it’s so hot I need a sea scent

02-05-2013: Another day with Fleur d’Iris

01-05-2013: Vivacité(s) de Bach by Les Fleurs de Bach, for May Day

30-04-2013: Etro Anice because it is so hot it could be summer….

26-04-2013: John Varvatos Artisan Black

24-04-2013: A very long day… Started it wearing Terre d’Hermes Parrfum (I had to play it safe and please…). Then moved on to John Varvatos Artisan Black and then out on a smelling spree in Geneva. I smelled till I (or to be more precise, my nose) dropped. To name a few:

Parfum d’Empire Musc Tonkin (good but not sure it is That! special)

Mona di Orio Carnation (fabulous carnation-laced musk)

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Cuir Fetiche (a glove full of flowers)

Frapin Speakeasy (soooo good and so familiar…)

Montale Chocolate Greedy (I wouldn’t even go near this until I read some reviews… It is the most amazing gourmand I have ever smelled! Smells like double chocolate chip cooikies and at the same time it is NOT sweet! Really impressive!)

Lots and lots of others, so many I would do them injustice if I said anything about them. I ended up buying…

Vivacité(s) de Bach by Les Fleurs de Bach, the most individualistic “cologne” I have ever smelled

23-04-2013: Kerosene Pretty Machine. A quick sniff coming soon but I can tell you it’s pretty damn… pretty

19-04-2013: Bulgari pour Homme Soir, the most interesting of the pour Homme variants

18-04-2013: Goti Black Essence

Goti Black Essence

Later, Montale Red Vetyver

17-04-2013: Kerosene Creature, and getting compliments for it!

09-04-2013: Fleur d’Iris

17-03-2013: Paper Passion by Geza Schoen

16-03-2013: I am moving to a new place so all my bottles are packed and tucked away. I will be wearing random samples from the vault and occasionally posting about them. Till after March 25th….

03-03-2013: Sienne l’Hiver

02-03-2013: Jardin du Nil MP&G

01-03-2013: Arpege pour Homme

28-02-2013: Paul Smith Story

25-02-2013: Sienne l’Hiver

24-02-2013: after soaking my skin for days in Counterpain I just realised that it mimics the opening of Tubereuse Criminelle perfectly…….

22-02-2013: that….

21-02-2013: on a bed of nails… not really in the mood for perfume…

17-02-2013: after wearing a lot of aromatics Elixir Perfumer’s Reserve, a break with Philosykos

14-02-2013: Chanel No5 Eau de Cologne

13-02-2013: Aromatics Elixir Perfumer’s Reserve, the Girl is mine!

11-02-2013: Forest Rain

10-02-2013: Angel Schlesser Homme Oriental

05-02-2013: Diesel Zero Plus Masculine, in the mood for cheap thrill

04-02-2013: Nu

03-02-2013: Lalique pour Homme, Le Lion

01-02-2013: Lalique Le Parfum, smells like rich bitch… in a good way

31-01-2013: Noir de Réminiscence

30-01-2013: Mandarine mandarin, because after all citruses are winter fruits

29-01-2013: Nobile 1942 Colonia Maxima: grumpy old men… 🙂

27-01-2013: Lancome Sagamore

26-01-2013: Cuir Ottoman

25-01-2013: Bijan Men “if I catch you smoking that stuff again I am going to tell your father…”

23-01-2013: Héritage EdP

18-01-2013: JHL

15-01-2013: Habit Rouge eau de parfum

14-01-2013: Comme des Garcons 2

12-01-2013: Urban Musk

10-01-2013: Stern Chêne today

07-01-2013: recovering from a weekend of terrible headache, my favourite “nurse me back to health” fragrance, Musc Koublai Khan

05-01-2013: Courvoisier Editon Imperiale

04-01-2013: Perfect time for Spicebomb

03-01-2013 Jil Sander Feeling Man

02-01-2013 La Myrrhe

01-01-2013 since 29-12-2012: Myrrhe Ardente

28-12-2012: wore Jacomo Art Collection #8… cardamom bomb, I like it a lot, there is something from Feminité du Bois in this

and I tried the new Korres Tonka Brown: smoky camphor opening, weak drydown but very good for the pricetag

27-12-2012: Fleur Pudrée de Musc

26-11-2012: the spirit of Christmas lives on with Myrrhe Ardente

25-123012: Ambre Précieux in the morning and Bois de Turquie in the evening

24-12-2012: Etro Dianthus over Aramis Devin

23-12-2012: Safran Nobile

22-12-2012: still alive and kicking! celbrating with Cuir Mauresque

21-12-2012: my sense of smell is back…. trying Carbone (mehhhh….)

and celebrating the end of the world with YOU  PARA | DISO PARADISO ICK by Alessandro Gualtieri

17-12-2012: nothing to smell… the flu won…

16-12-2012: Encre Noire 

15-12-2012: Fumérie Turque 

14-12-2012: Sa Majesté La Rose 

12-12-2012: Habit Rouge eau de parfum 

11-12-2012: Shiseido Basala 

10-12-2012: Grossmith Hasu No Hana, a flower like no other

09-12-2012: Lumière Noire Maison Francis Kurkdjian: velvet rose

08-12-2012: Le Labo Patchouli 24 


06-12-2012: Santal Majuscule

05-12-2012: Une Voix Noire write up

04-12-2012: taking time off sniffing…

03-12-2012: Santal Majuscule: I like this so much more than I expected but if it is sandalwood you are looking for you won’t find it here

02-12-2012: Une Voix Noire

01-12-2011: Jacomo Silences

30-11-2011: Opium pour Homme Eau de Parfum

29-11-2012: Diorella and Aromatic’s Elixir Perfumer’s Reserve. just perfect! I want them both!

Eau Sauvage pour Femme

Aromatic’s Elixir for Men

28-11-2012: dissecting Oud 27

27-11-2012: Oud 27, sometimes I just forget how beautiful and perplexing this is 

26-11-2012: Red Vetyver, like sunshine in winter

25-11-2012: Donna Karan Fuel for Men

24-11-2012: Borneo 1834

23-11-2012: Magnetic Scent samples

22-11-2012: Etro Sandalo, sandalwood plain and simple

20-11-2012: Neela Vermeier samples!

18-11-2012 Equistrius: a warm blanket of sweet iris

17-11-2012: Iris Silver Mist, perfect for a grey cool morning

16-11-2012: Santal Noble, bitter swirls of sandalwood

15-11-2012: layering Etro Dianthus with Etro Gomma

14-11-2012: Halston 1-12: in 1974 in an act of promotional suicide Halston releases two perfumes in the same nameless bottle. Z-14 was the legendary success. 1-12 is the unloved child.

13-11-2012: Thierry Mugler B*Men

12-11-2012: The smell of freshly baked bread

11-11-2012: Santal Noble, sandalwood as cool as it gets

10-11-2012: Eau Cendrée… writing my 100th post about this.

09-11-2012: Still hung up on Eau Cendrée…

08-11-2012: Jo Loves Pink Vetiver on the left, Yosh U4eahh! 2.43 on the right

“I feel prettyyyyyy……”

I feel like smiling

07-11-2012: still wearing Jacomo Eau Cendrée, retracing my first perfume memory

06-11-2012: Jacomo Eau Cendrée

Jacomo Eau Cendrée


  1. I really like this. Why do we wish to know what other perfume lovers wear on a daily basis? The heck if I know but I do!
    The pictures make it extra satisfying. 🙂

    • Thanks! I found this way of keeping a record of what I wear. I guess I like to get ideas from other people as well about what they wear and how this relates with their lives.

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