MemoryOfScent for Fragrance Daily: Nishane Mūsīqá Oud and rantings on the pantie dropper

afterglow-1024929_1920I rarely consider what perfume I want to wear based on where I am going. I only see this as an irrelevant limitation. Usually my choice of scent comes from within, from something I want to say to me mostly, it is an underscore of my mood. And to be perfectly honest, I find preoccupation with what others will think about the way one smells as a bit shallow.

Smelling Nishane Mūsīqá Oud however put me in a strange frame of mind. It is a very different oud, one that plays down oud and creates an imposing bitter-sweet ambiance. It also inspired me to write why we shouldn’t actually try to wear perfume to please others or to be alluring. Charm comes from within and no amount and type of perfume can mask personality flaws.

Click hear to read my blabbering if you are intrigued my some men’s quest for the proverbial pantie dropper.

Sample provided for evaluation by Essenza Nobile

Notes from Nishane: grapefruit, amyris, cypriol, oud, saffron, amber, oakmoss, sandalwood, guaicawood

Notes from my nose: swimming pool water, blue shoe varnish, dark chocolate, oud

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Scientifically minded but obsessed with the subjective aspect of things. Photos copyright of MemoryOfScent, with special thanks to Pantelis Makkas You are welcome to link to my blog but you are definitely not allowed to copy text or use the photos without my permission. All text and main photos are originals and property of MemoryOfScent All perfumes are from my collection unless stated otherwise.

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