Memory of Scent for Fragrance Daily – Nabucco ΓΦΛ / LOV: a day in the desert

A photo by Fabio Rose.

TheNonBlonde has stipulated earlier this summer that perfume oils are the perfect way to wear perfume in the summer and I fully agree. It might seem counter-intuitive that maximum concentration of perfume ingredients will not suffocate you in the heat but they actually don’t. The absence of alcohol reduces projection and the oil base moisturises the skin and allows longevity to reach new levels. Haven’t you always complained that sweating makes your fragrance even more fleeting? Try some perfume oils next time and you will see the difference.

Nabucco perfumes are not your average perfume oils of course. When they appeared in 1997 they were frightfully expensive. The prices have not gone down since but instead the average price of niche releases has sky-rocketed making Nabucco perfumes seem incredibly good value for money.

ΓΦΛ / LOV has the added bonus of a monumental development, from smoky, spicy leather to what seems like a floral fougère to my nose, and all this in a time frame that takes several hours. If your interest is picked, please read my full review by clicking here.

Official notes: Pink pepper, Rose, Green mandarin, Star anise, Incense, Precious woods, Violet, Moss, Fenugreek, Leather, Amber

Nabucco LOV notes

Notes from my nose: Fenugreek, Burnt wood, Leather, Lavender, Ambergris

Fragrance offered for evaluation by Nabucco


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