While I was away…

Photo of the Geneva Jet d'Eau by Kevin Allen. Click on image for a link to the original

Photo of the Geneva Jet d’Eau by Kevin Allen. Click on image for a link to the original

I haven’t posted here in ages and I have missed doing so but circumstances beyond my control have taken all of my time and, most of all, all of my energy. Little did I know last March, when I decided to move to a new apartment, that this would have been a very short stay, A job application sent late last year attracted some attention and I was invited for an interview in Geneva. Eventually all went well, and late last July I was officially offered a dream job position in my field in a private clinic there. The months that followed have been an absolute madness. The joy of accomplishing the recognition that this job comes with mingled with the stress of getting rid of what I do not need any more here in Athens and the pressure of trying to find an apartment in Geneva, one of the most crowded and expensive cities in Europe. Tying up loose ends here and trying to set roots there.

As you can imagine, trying to concentrate on and fathom new scents has been impossible. I also had to come to terms with the idea of parting with my scents. I could not possibly move all my bottles there so in the next few days I will have to select a handful of bottles that will keep me company in this new start. From Monday September 23rd I will be living in Geneva and this of course gives a new perspective to my last pieces, Scents of Athens, Aoud Cuir d’Arabie and Piper Nigrum. Those posts were written as a farewell to my city and as a reflection all the love that I have for the place where I was born and raised.  I will also be leaving behind the people I love the most and my beloved Toupée, only for a few months though as I hope she will be joining me soon, when I have settled down and found a more permanent abode that will be pet friendly.


I have only a very sketchy impression of Geneva but I think that I am going to be fine there. It is a beautiful city, small, vibrant, extremely multicultural. I hope to make Geneva my home and find much desired professional development and calm. My perfume passion will also be thriving I imagine as perfume market there is much more rich and up to date. I have already visited Parfumerie Theodora and the amazing perfume hall at Bongenie and I can only tell you that those places are perfumista heaven. My next posts will probably be written in Geneva and there are many things I am looking forward to sharing with you. So expect a review of the amazing sambac jasmine in Spyros Drosopoulos‘s Magnetic Scent Untitled #1, a full-bodied but delicate soliflore. I met with Spyros this summer in Athens and I had a chance to see for myself how intelligent, passionate and gracious he is. I also plan to make a presentation of all the samples I have in my possession, created in Switzerland, so be prepared for some Andy Tauer and Ys Uzac reviews among other things.

I do not pretend not to be at awe of all these changes happening so fast but I am also very excited. I will be sharing with you my new memories here. See you soon!

Christos MoS

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  1. The winds of change – hope you find the magic of the moment. All the best with all of the above.

  2. I have been missing your posts, and now the mystery has been revealed! These all sound like wonderful and exciting changes, and all absorbing, too. Thank you for taking the pause to give us a glimpse of these happenings and a preview of what is to come. Your future posts sound very intriguing and I look forward to reading your posts which will be written from your new home. All the best, Christos ❤

  3. Ah, so everything came through for you, just as it sounded like it would! Christos, I’m so thrilled for you – and so in admiration of you going for this job that you wanted and jumping through all the hoops that you did, dreaming and reaching for it with great faith. Congratulations, and wishing you all the best, always!!!

  4. Glad all is well Christos… enjoy your new adventure!

  5. I am excited for your bright cosmopolitan future, Christos. Will Toupée be staying with family while you find a suitable place?

    • Toupée will be staying with her other dad till they are both ready to come and till I find a pet-friendly apartment in Geneva or in neighbouring France, were pets are more welcome.

      The Emperor’s passing has stricken a very sensitive chord in me. Toupée already knows that something is happening and she is a bit nervous ans sad. I feel for your loss.

  6. You are so brave and I am in such awe of your adventure and your courage. But… won’t this be fun! And, you’ll be closer to France! I can’t wait to get another post from you with a photo of Toupée in Geneva, safe and sound from the long trip.

    Looking forward to reading you again!

    • As Sunday approaches I feel the burden of change become heavier but I know that this will only be until I am actually there and once I have to tackle my new duties I will have my hands full and less time for introspection. Thank you Norman

  7. I’ve missed your posts, but I’m thrilled at the reasons for your long silence! Congratulations on the dream job. I’m so happy for you. Moving can be incredibly stressful, but if you ever feel overwhelmed by the all the small details, just remember that all ordeals come to an end — and packing/unpacking is best with lots of alcohol…. 😛

    • I will keep your advice in mind! Actually this will be only a light version of the process because it is impossible to find a flat in Geneva from a distance. So I will be looking for a small furnished studio right now and in a few months the real moving will come.

  8. Congrats on the new job!!!

  9. Irina

    glad to know everything is fine, athough complicated. good luck !!

  10. Out of all possible reasons for not being here yours is a good one and I’m happy and excited for you, Christos.

    Have a safe move. And I wish you to reunite with Toupée as soon as possible.

  11. Hello and welcome back! I was having an amazing weekend in Florence…and of course, a full imerssion in the fragrant world of Pitti Fragranze (just started posting about..more to come!)
    Do you remember we had an accord (I was supposed to illustrate the Black Afgano?)..well, if it is still available I might do it soon, but I would like to change the “subject”…It happened that Florence brought me a brand new love! I’m talking about Hajj Nectar, So Oud…! So excited about! My last purchase of Nasomatto was “Pardon”, as during the summer they have some…black out for Black Afgano…Now I intend to purchase Hajj, in consequence make the reportage about it…What do you think??
    Let me know:)/ Luana

    • Hi Luana. I am so much looking forward to this. I will have to look for a sample of Hajj Nectar, although I imagine it will not be all that difficult in the perfume heaven of Geneva.

      • HELLO! it is amazing!! felt in love with it, and it’s quite difficult for me to let it happen with the new perfumes …did you check my blog?? you’ll meet James Heeley!
        Wish you all the best and good results in your Geneva adventures…

  12. Hello Christos, Just checking you got those samples from Bud Parfums. Cheers,Howard

    • Hi Howard. Yes, I have received them although the changes in my life have left me no time to appreciate them in depth. I promise to give them proper wearings as soon as I settle down.

      • OK that’sgreat. Moving house, jobs or partners is always a big thing. I understand. I am always curious as how each country’s postal service works. Cheers,Howard.

        • Ironically, I stayed in my previous flat for more than ten years, refusing to decide this change although I had good reasons and now I will have to move three times, change jobs and part from my partner (hopefully only for a few months), all within twelve months. So the take-home lesson is: while you’re making plans, god is having a lough.

  13. Natalie

    Wonderful! I’m so glad to hear your absence has been for a happy, positive reason and a good change. Best wishes for settling in, and I look forward to hearing how you are doing in the new city. Very exciting!

  14. WOO HOO! Geneva will adore you. can’t wait to read your settling in stories. They will be as much fun as frag stories. Can you please use the blog as diary?
    Portia x

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