How to Judge a Good Perfume From a Bad Perfume | Christophe Laudamiel | Straight from the Perfumer’s Nose

How to Judge a Good Perfume From a Bad Perfume | Christophe Laudamiel | Big Think.

A very interesting approach on how a perfumer judges quality in perfume. Essentially it is a highly subjective process where things like originality, complexity of composition, material quality are all put in a mental equation that leads to a subjective assessment of “quality”. There is no one redeeming quality that can elevate a perfume to higher quality statues by Christophe Laudamiel’s definition.

Christophe Laudamiel


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  1. Yes it is very subjective in what makes a great perfume. I was fascinated by Christophe Laudamiel’s point of view. Thoughts straight from the nose you might say. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Yes that is astonishing

  3. Hey Christos, thank you for posting this link!

    Yes, CL really nailed it, but at the end, it’s the criteria you are using, I am using and most of us who are into perfumes. I do believe that it’s not everything in subjectivity but rather in connaisance of theory, materia. I do believe it’s possible to make perfumes empiristic.

    • Theory and material are very imprtant, I agree, but the vast majority of bloggers, including myself, lack knowledge of these subjects so ultimately we have to rely on our subjective understanding of perfumes. I believe that all of us have revisited perfumes we have dismissed in the past and discovered that the accumulated experience that we have gained since our initial understanding of a scent, results in a different appreciation. So not only there is subjectivity on a given moment but also over a period of time. In the end the feelings created by a scent (which themselves depend heavily on our previous experiences) are what moves us to write.

      Thank you so much for commenting here!

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