New Divine Release: L’Homme Infini

Sheer elegance starts from the packaging

Divine is one of my favourite perfume houses and I make it a point to spread the word. I have almost emptied my bottle of L’Homme de Coeur and I am waiting for the right moment to get a bottle of L‘Être Aimé Homme while I am also looking for Santa’s address as a bottle of L’Inspiratrice in my Christmas sock would be a dream. Divine perfumes are unpretentious, elegant, complex, sensuous and the prices are probably the best value for money around. Please do visit their site and order their sample set: 12 1,7ml samples for 12 euro and a chance to experience pure elegance are certainly difficult to resist. I assure you Divine is not paying me to write these words but I was very pleased when they offered me a chance to sample their new masculine fragrance, L’Homme Infini (The Infinite Man is my own translation) which will become available later this month.

L’Homme Infini opens with a rich, resinous freshness that reminds me of juniper berries and lentisque. I get a hint of energising dill and everything vibrates in peppery, green frequencies. The opening is fresh but not trite and at the same time has a promise of mystery. In the heart a very elegant smoky vetiver gives it substance and classic masculine energy while later in the drydown the elegance of western style agarwood fulfils the promise of seduction. Don’t be alarmed by the mention of agarwood, and I use this term instead of the more oriental oriented (sic) oud because there is nothing remotely exotic in this version of the note. It is closer to R’oud Elements than Black Aoud. This is not a case of Middle-East-exploitation! It is a perfectly elegant and use of the note in a classic western perfume. I cannot pin down the reported amber but I am sure it is there because the woody drydown is very warm and enveloping.

L’Homme Infini is not as complicated as L‘Être Aimé Homme or L’Homme Sage. It is not as individualistic as L’Homme de Coeur. It is equally elegant and well blended but will be more familiar to your nose. As it turns and changes I catch similarities with Terre d’Hermés and Eau d’Ikar. The main difference is that L’Homme Infini has soul. It is another shiny example of Yann Vasnier’s ample talent and creativity.

As I mentioned Parfums Divine has graciously offered me the chance to sample this ahead of its release. They have been very generous so if you want a chance to try this please leave a comment stating your interest and on Sunday November 11th I will randomly choose two readers to send samples to. I will announce the winners in the comments of this post so please make sure to check back or make sure you can be contacted through your Gravatar.

Notes from Parfums Divine: coriander leaf and grain, elemi, black pepper, cedar, agarwood, vetiver, amber, serenolide, benzoin.

Notes from my nose: juniper, lentisque, dill, black pepper, vetiver, oud

Image provided by Parfums Divine and published with their permission

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  1. Wonderful review, makes me want to more thoroughly sample this line. Of the Divine line, I have only encountered L’Inspiratrice, which quite simply made me swoon. Rose is one of my most beloved notes and this interpretation of rose is, well divine, creamy with just the right touch of traction, maybe from the patchouli?

  2. I am in love with the bottle! And what it contains boy your excellent review is even more enticing to me. It sounds heaven scent by the divine. Off to chech out their site!

  3. Christophe

    Nice review. I’m a huge fan of L’homme Sage and I’m eager to try this new release from Divine.

  4. Jaakiem

    Please, please, please. Count me in. I came to this blog, because I googled L’homme infini. I just wanted to here more. I have liked all the offerings from this house. I only have full bottle of L’homme sage, but Coer has been on my shopping list for some time. L’etre aime homme and L’Inspiratrice were great too. Notes of this one sound really great, but you saying it reminds Terre d’Hermes scares me a bit.

    • I thought that would scare people. There is a resemblance in terms of juxtaposition of notes but the texture is completely different. That’s why I wrote it has soul. Terre d’Hermés is beautiful but soulless in my opinion, to the point that it becomes annoying.

      Count yourself counted in fro the draw Jaakiem 🙂

  5. Christos, it’s so nice to read when a blogger is genuinely passionate about a perfume or a brand and your attitude towards this company shows. It’s a very appealing review and I would definitely want to try this perfume but do not enter me into the draw: as soon as I lift my self-imposed moratorium on perfume samples purchasing I plan to buy their samples set because since the time I read about this brand on your blog for the first time I came across at least a couple of very positive reviews and I want to get to know this brand better.

    • I can’t help being a big fan becasue everything is perfect in this line: scents, packaging and prices. It makes you wonder how can anyone buy commercial scents when these perfumes are out there in these prices. Of course this is a rhetorical question.

  6. Irina

    would like to try this, your post is so enthusiastic…thanks a lot

  7. I am not familiar with this house, but did read of the new release the other day. Thanks for the enthusiastic introduction. I’ll probably bump into Lanier checking out their site!

  8. Since Christophe, Jaakiem and Irina are the only ones in the draw, all three will receive a sample. Congratulations guys!

  9. Jaakiem

    Thank you. I don’t know how to react. Send you my address or what? I got letter from Divine and there was paper that had the drydown of L’homme infini. All I could smell was generic cedar and Iso E Super. I feel so disapointed right now. Divine, why? I thought we were better than this.

    • I have sent you an email in the address shown in your comment. You can send me yours at memoryofscent at gmail dot com.

      I got the envelope today too. Well, don’t judge a perfume by the blotter. It is much more complex than that sprayed piece of paper will lead you to believe. And much warmer.

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