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Image of Technique Indiscrete beautiful, minimal shop in Antwerp from their official blog

I promised Portia that I would come back with my brief impressions of the rest of the line and here they are!

Santa Subita is a powerful patchouli. It focuses on the balmy, resinous aspects with a light camphorous note. It is one of those perfumes that seem to have no top notes as one is immediately thrown into a big, brown heart of moderately sweet patchouli. It smells primeval to my nose, rustic. As it progresses camphor becomes more prominent and some earthiness is added to the equation. While it starts vaguely fruity it ends up musky and earthy. Vanilla becomes prominent in the drydown.

Delivre Moi is a perfume I would never wear because of my personal preferences but is extremely interesting. If you like a combination of orange blossom and musk this is for you. Orange blossom is not listed officially so I have to presume that what I interpret as such is a combination of jasmine, honey and some citrus. The second accord that I identified was a fiercely moldy one. I had to go and look up the official notes to decipher this. It probably comes from the interaction of eucalyptus and almond. On hindsight I can catch their shadow but in reality they play a strange game that makes all their typical identifiers disappear but instead creates this new green dirt accord. Those of you who read me regularly know that a pissy orange blossom is a deal breaker for me so this one didn’t have a chance but I enjoyed playing hide and seek with its ingredients.

Veloutine is gorgeous. Nothing ground breaking but very nicely done. Creamy and powdery at the same time it is an absolute comfort scent. Iris, rose and violet, a combination that always works for me. I think I can pick both violet flower and leaves. Things warm up and spice up with some pepper. As much as all this may sound old-fashioned to you I love this type of perfume. It is soothing, a perfect fragrance for wearing during lazy weekends.

Monarchy is a Marie Antoinette type of fragrance. Florals, patchouli, tonka create a crimson composition. Big, bold, assertive and slightly on the feminine side without being girly. Tonka becomes stronger and gives sophistication.

My Burning Secret is the masculine of the line. A fougere with lots of happy, bright things going on. It reminded me of YSL Jazz, the older versions, not the current shadow of the scent it used to be. It has the same luminescence, a happy fragrance. The perfumer is inspired by a man walking down the street and seducing a woman by the trail of his fragrance and My Burning Secret has one of those sillages that it would be hard not to want to follow. The lavender is sweet, floral, round and sparkling.

Plaisir d’Amour is a little more classic than it should be to be notable. A bouquet of flowers with a deeper base. Not something very special in my humble opinion.

Indiscrete is a green floral, the kind of floral I like best. I pick up tuberose immediately very fresh, green and luminous. At this stage it is a beautiful unisex floral like Del Rae Amoureuse. Later in the progression however a caramel note becomes prominent shifting the axis of this perfume. Imagine Prada Candy with tuberose. If you like the idea it is definitely worth giving this a try

Paname Paname is a unisex to my nose. Orange, clove and the beautiful saffron note from Safran Nobile (although not officially listed), together with vetiver and amber create a very nice, bitter composition. It is supposed to be a new look at chypre and this probably explains why I find it unisex. I am not good at identifying chypres as such so I leave talking about how successful it is in this genre to more experienced noses. A very food one from the line.

What I appreciate most when I sample an entire line is a sense of unity, a signature of the perfumer or the house that shines through and makes me understand their vision. All Technique Indiscrete perfumes have a sheer quality without being light. My favourite of course was Safran Nobile, hands down but I found some other beautiful scents between them, especially Veloutine and Paname Paname, Santa Subita, the interesting surprise of Delivre Moi and the a crowd pleaser, My Burning Secret.

For official notes and inspirational outlines please click on each perfume name and you will be linked to Technique Indiscrete official site.

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  1. YAY!! You did them ALL! What a labour of love! You have me barking after them like a dog who’s found a bitch on heat but I can’t believe they don’t send to AUSTRALIA!! I am gutted. I just went to order their sample range.
    Thank you for giving me an insight Lanier, though I’ll wait till I get to Paris in Feb, to grab them.
    Portia xxx

  2. WHY in this economy of “globilization’ do Companies,particulary those re perfume have SO MUCH BLOODY DIFFICULTY in getting things Down Under? Burning Secret and Indiscrete had my interest,perhaps due to their titles,more than anything. However if they won’t sell them to me…’There is always other fish in da Sea’

    • I am afraid globalization means that you can try to spend your money globally but don’t expect the same service. I think mailing perfume in another country if done according to the rules, is not an easy business. I often read how expensive Serge Lutens perfumes are and wonder but then I notice that such comments come mostly from the United States. In Europe they are quite reasonably priced. And I have tried getting samples from US perfume labels but either my credit card is not accepted or the cost of shipping is just ridiculous. Usually the bigger the house the higher the shipping costs. So we are all “globaly” in this together. Of course living Down Under means that more things are more difficult for you to reach. However Australia gets preferential treatment when it comes to shipping from the US when compared to Europe.

      Thank you for dropping by

  3. Wow, I’m so impressed with the fact that you gave brief impressions of almost every Technique Indiscrete’s scents! But really, those mentions are expertly detailed to me. I personally like Santa Subita and Monarchy (I actually really really like them both!). But after reading your post, I feel the urge to come back to my package of vials from Technique Indiscrete to see if I find my new favorite one (or just to know them deeper!)

    Always love your reviews/writings, Christos!

    • Nice to see you here again! I am glad you found my brief impressions accurate. I am always aware that I smell things in a very personal way.

      Santa Subita is very nice! It made me think of Fields of Rubus. And I also love Veloutine for some strange reason that always makes me love powdery old-fashioned fragrances.

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