The Memory of Scent: a book, synonymy and serendipity

Memory of Scent – The Book
not my book but with my warmest wishes

A few days ago Google revealed to me that a book bearing the name of my blog is being launched somewhere in the world. A few hours later Lisa Burkitt, the author left a warm comment on my “Share the Memory” page. It was the warm feeling of meeting someone who looks just like you, of a serendipitous moment. Lisa, a patchouli devotee herself, is a radio broadcaster, journalist and writer, born in the United States and relocated to Ireland at an early age.

Her book is not about perfume as she told me herself: “My book (which I began writing in 2010) is a historical fiction based in Paris around the time of the Impressionist movement, and scent is a thread running through it. In fact, the book does not have chapters, but is broken up instead by scent descriptions! So it’s not a history of perfume or anything like that, but the main protagonist is very informed by what she smells around her”. The Memory of Scent is her first book but a short story of hers has already been included in an anthology of best Parisian stories. The title of her story is “A Pinch of Tarragon” and I see a scent theme running through Lisa’s work.

The Memory of Scent will be launched this Weekend in Lisa’s hometown, Rathmullan in Donegal County, Ireland. My warmest wishes for the launch of her namesake book.

Lisa Burkitt

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