A comment on Chanel No19 Poudré

This + No19=No19 Poudré

As if anyone needed one… Anyway…

I love the original No19. I tried the new “flanker”. I like it. It is a beautiful scent. But then there is this question that needs to be answered: Why?

If you like the original No19, you probably like the green leathery iris. None of it is there in No19 Poudré. In this case the new release is unnecessary or even unwanted. It is not even powdery.

If you do prefer the new release over the old one, then you must appreciate the musky rosiness added in place of the green bitterness. But if you do like this aspect why not buy Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Rose Muskissime. It has what’s new in No19 Poudré, only more up front and brighter. In which case this new release is still unnecessary.

Is rosy muskiness the new Chanel thing? Why? Does Chanel still have a central idea behind its creations? Can it handle another Bleu situation?

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  1. NikosP

    I see your point. I too like both 19’s. The original for its green aspect, the new for its powdery floral one. To compromise things up a bit I’d say that Chanel’s mistake is the use of a classic and legendary name , 19 in our case, in a totally different, new release. Chanel hates discontinuations for its fragrances. Once released it has to become an all time classic. So after a continued downfall of the classic 19,s sales (no matter how we -the aromaniacs- love it, we have to admit that to the modern womans nose it feels quite dated) lets say they decided to add a hint of fresh air to the 19 legend and a have chance for bigger sales through the New 19 (see Coco mademoiselle)

  2. I see your point and I agree: the problem is in the name. Maybe Chanel, and all “historic” labels for that matter, do not feel confident enough to release new fragrances. So they connect No19 Poudré with No19 using the name while in reality they do not share a common idea, just some notes. They dared with Bleu, only Bleu had nothing substantial in the bottle.

  3. First not related to the topic: I like your new design but may I suggest nested comments?

    I love No.19. It’s one of my all-time favorites. But I still like No. 19 Poudre. Not love but will wear the bottle I bought. And, frankly speaking, I can’t understand why so many people are so anti-this perfume. And many of them are the same people who praise Elie Saab, Botega Venetta or Candy! Other than a sacrilege of using No.19 name I do not see any other serious Chanel’s sins. It’s not even one of the more expensive exclusifs!

  4. Thanks Undina. Comments are supposed to be nested according to settings but unfortunately it doesn’t look this way.

    If you haven’t noticed, I agree with you: No19 Poudré is a good fragrance. Probably the best new release from Chanel. The problem is that they chose to use the number 19. This is what I am criticisizing. But looking at the big picture I think Chanel has lost its concept. Especially with their masculine releases. I didn’t like Allure Homme and its flankers. Bleu was simply so unimaginative and lacking any kind of character that I was left wondering again “why?”. There isn’t a strong personality with a vision any more behind the line. Just comities. If they believe that No19 is dated now, what they should do is pull it back in the exclusives.

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